Artist : Drowning Steps

Album : The Echo of a Distant Past

Release Date : 21-02-2020

Added : 26-03-2020

Direction Brazil with the project ‘Drowning Steps’ which was initiated by singer and guitarist ‘Caio Claro’, then joined by keyboardist 'Tiago Pierucci' and who released a new album ‘The Echo of a Distant Past’. The total duration is quite short (38 minutes) with 6 compositions which are divided into 3 long development and 3 shorter titles but this does not in any way tarnish the quality of this opus and they evolve in a calm and delicate progressive atmosphere : to make a comparison, I will quote their compatriots from 'Fleesh' who evolve in a comparable style but also other formations like 'Blackfield' , 'Mostly Autumn', 'Mystery' or the new project 'Chasing The Monsoon'.

The album begins with the short instrumental 'The Source of Imagination' in a church organ atmosphere which quickly turns into a semi-acoustic ballad where layers of aerial keyboards and acoustic guitar rock us on a beautiful melody. Follows 'Gold Through My Eyes', which is my first crush and which is a beautiful progressive piece with a succession of different climates, sometimes melancholic, sometimes more energetic and perfect for an invitation to escape, then, with 'Where is my Life', we embarks on a new light and harmonious semi-acoustic composition which increases in power on the finale with vaporous keyboards on a simple but effective melody. Follows the 2nd long development 'The Inner Silence', starting in a few layers of keyboards and which transforms around 2.30 min into a funk rhythm of the 80s before returning to a slow peaceful tempo which continues on a piano/voice duo resuming some magnitude for an imposing crescendo which finally falls back with a few piano notes then the short guitar/voice acoustic title 'Affected' takes us once again on a small cloud and it is with 'The Echo of a Distant Past', long song of almost 10 minutes, that the album ends in beauty thanks to a typical title of an inventive and sought-after progressive which transports us between melancholy and energy in an atmospheric atmosphere which brings us back in certain parts in the 70s with a nod to 'Pink-Floyd' with melodic lines and tones of 'Wish You Where Here' between 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond' and 'Welcome to the Machine'.

In summary, the Brazilians of 'Drowning Steps' are releasing an album of very high quality (which I would have liked a little longer) and 'The Echo of a Distant Past' is to be recommended for the atmospheric style to an audience loving the groups mentioned above but also having bathed in the progressive of the 70s...

Line Up / Musicians

Caio Claro (Vocal, Guitar), Tiago Pierucci (Keybords, Organ, Piano) + Guests : Fabricio Mendonca (Drums), Henrique Oliveira (Guitar), Leonardo Goncalves (Bass), Leo Skinner (Bass), Vinicius Batista (Guitar)