Artist : Blackfield

Album : V

Release Date : 10-02-2017

Added : 11-03-2017

The 5th chapter of the 'Blackfield' project was expected by all fans after 'Blackfield IV' in 2013. This 'V' is in continuation of the previous albums but certainly less dark than the first album. We are always in a progressive style and navigating between pop and rock. Note that ‘Alan Parsons' in person joined the 'Steven' and 'Aviv' duo to bring an aerial side to some compositions as for example 'How Was Your Ride ?' who transpire the English’s atmospheres. Overall, we navigate in beautiful melodies with a more pronounced melancholic effect and we feel that the founding duo run as well as ever. In short, with this 5th album, 'Blackfield' should delight all fans of the group and if you like pop/rock with warm and intimate atmosphere, there is a chance that you adopt 'V'...

Line Up / Musicians

Steven Wilson (Vocal, Guitars), Aviv Geffen (Vocal, Guitars,Keybords), Eran Mitelman (Keybords, Piano), Tomer Z (Drums) + Guest : Alan Parsons (Vocal, Guitars, Keybords)