Artist : Mystery

Album : Live in Poznan

Release Date : 15-11-2019

Added : 20-12-2019

After the magnificent 'Lies and Butterflies' in 2018 (see here), the Canadians of 'Mystery' embarked on a world tour in 2019 and for those who could not see them in concert in Europe (for my part I had the chance to see them at the z7 end of October for a wonderful show that will long be engraved in my memory), the concert given to 'Poznam' in April 2019 is now available in 2 CD for a duration of more than 2 hours 30 with a very good place for the last opus since they played the 7 tracks, I would say almost normal, since it contained compositions all as essential as the others. So we are embarked on a very beautiful journey with titles that have become essential in the discography of Canadians as 'Delusion Rain', 'The Willow Tree' or the last one 'Chrysalis'. And what about the performances of each artist who transport you at every second on a small cloud and for short, I will quote you 'Shadow of the Lake' in which 'Jean Pageau' delights us with his vocal performance followed in the 2nd part by a masterful guitar solo from 'Michel St-Père' joined by 'Sylvain Moineau' to give you goosebumps for several minutes.
In short, no need to add something, this 'Live in Pozman' is an exceptional album which should satisfy all fans of 'Mystery' and beyond, for others who do not know them and who are fans of progressive rock delicate and friendly, it is a good way to discover them because they have become over the years an essential band of this style born in the late 60s...

Line Up / Musicians

Jean Pageau (Vocal, Flute, Keybords), Michel St-Père (Guitar), Sylvain Moineau (Guitar, Chœurs), Antoine Michaud (Keybords), François Fournier (Bass, Choirs), Jean-Sébastien Goyette (Drums, Chœurs)