About the site

Welcome in my musical world...

My objective with this site is to make you discover well or lesser-known artists that I discover according to my listening, but not limited to a particular type of music. The idea is to bring artists from different horizons and especially avoid to give them tags.

And for that, not long chronicles with review abviously subjective and oriented. Each album or artist is accompanied by a small presentation to give you an idea of the music type... the most important is to arouse your interest to listen according to your musical tastes... Each presentation has a link To Spotify and the only constraint is to create an account that is free to launch the playlist (Spotify Link).

Related to Spotify: I suscribed a premimum account (until five families accounts for 15 € per month) and I find the majority of the music I like (I would say 99%). The interface for PC or mobile devices is very simple. Creating a playlist is child's play; For each artist, a list of similar artists is suggested (very interesting to discover new talents). The discover function also allows you to listen to new artists or discover new features. In addition, the ability to listen offline on up to 3 mobile devices per account allows you to listen to music anywhere.

On the other hand, as the artist's fee is very low on Spotify (it needs about 150 plays to win 1 dollar), for artists not promoted by a known label, Spotify is only used to become known but does not generate any financial gain to live. So, if you love artists, the best is still to buy their albums or go to see their shows...

For any problem about this site or questions, thank you to send me a mail to becker.cj@free.fr