Artist : Visions of Atlantis

Album : The Deep & the Dark

Release Date : 16-02-2018

Added : 19-03-2018

After a few years with Serenity (see their latest album Here) and the project 'Exit Eden' in 2017 (see Here), the French women 'Clementine Delauney' who started singing with 'Visions Of Atlantis' at the end of 2013 with a first EP' Old Routes - New Waters' has really grown these last two years and this last album of 'Visions of Atlantis' confirms all her talent. Is this the stabilization of line up (they have experience many changes) or just what is called maturity, but this 'The Deep & the Dark' is certainly the most accomplished album of 'Visions of Atlantis’. First of all, all compositions are accessible from the first listening and most have refrains that enter your head immediately without letting go. Then, the Clémentine/Siegfried duo works perfectly as in 'Return to Lemuria' or 'Ritual Night' but I would have liked that their voice mix a little more for example in the ballad 'The Last Home' as Clementine was able to do it on stage with 'Georg Neuhauser' of 'Serenity' singing 'Fairytales'. There are multiple influences of symphonic metal such as an introduction close to 'Nighwish' on the eponymous title of the album but what struck me the most is the connection with the compositions of 'Lanvall' ('Edenbridge see their latest album Here) and it's obvious on 'Dead Reckoning' or in ‘The Grand Illusion’. In summary, with 'The Deep & the Dark', 'Visions of Atlantis' strengthen their place in the leading group of symphonic metal bands and this last album should be well received by all fans of this style of music but also thanks to its accessible side, could reach a wider audience...

Line Up / Musicians

Clémentine Delauney (Vocal), Siegfried Samer (Vocal), Christian Douscha (Guitar), Herbert Glos (Bass), Thomas Caser (Drums)