Artist : Almanac

Album : Kingslayer

Release Date : 24-11-2017

Added : 06-01-2018

Germans of ‘Almanac’, which 'is the project of the former guitarist 'Victor Smolski' of 'Rage', have just released their second album 'Kingslayer'. After 'Serenity' and 'Lionheart' a few weeks before (see Here), it is still a theme around some kings and in this case the different regicides of History (for example the murder of ‘Henri IV' with 'Regicide'). Without surprise, it's a symphonic power metal style with energetic and melodic compositions that do not things by half. The plus is that 'Victor Smolki' surrounded himself with 3 complementary singers which allowed him to complicate the vocal arrangements of the compositions even if I find that 'Jeannette Marchewka' does not have an important place as she could have. In summary, with 'Kingslayer' and even if they do not revolutionize the symphonic power metal, 'Almanac' released a very good album that should appeal to all fans of the genre...

Line Up / Musicians

Victor Smolski (Guitar), Andy B. Franck (Vocal), David Readman (Vocal), Jeannette Marchewka (Vocal), Tim Rashid (Bass), Athanasios “Zacky” Tsoukas (Drums)