Artist : Edenbridge

Album : The Great Momentum

Release Date : 17-02-2017

Added : 19-03-2017

After a sumptuous 'The Bonding' in 2013 and a new 'Voiciano' project in 2014, 'Edenbridge' and its 'Lanvall' leader released a new album early 2017 'The Great Momentum'. We found all the ingredients of the previous albums with this gift for melodies that stuck you in your head in a symphonic metal genre with a Philharmonic Orchestra, which unlike the other groups of this style is put forward and is often the central part of the compositions. Sabine vocals always brings this softness in contrast with the guitar riffs. And then the icing on the cake (and what icing !) as 'Lanvall' do so well (see band presentation Here) : the title 'The Greatest Git Of All' over more than 12 minutes that transports you into a hymn to life with a lot of choirs and a melody that will give you goose bumps. If you want to discover this music style, nothing like listen quietly with headphones this wonderful title. Note the rerun of the beautiful ballad 'Until The End Of Time' which appeared on 'Voiciano'. In short, with 'The Great Momentum', the Austrians of Edenbridge', even if they are limited to a certain audience and it’s a shame, continue their way with an album in the tradition of previous for the great delight of all fans...

Line Up / Musicians

Lanvall (Guitar, Bass, Keybords,Dulcimer, Bouzouki), Sabine Edelsbacher (Vocal), Dominik Sebastian (Guitars), Johannes Jungreithmeier (Drums) + Guests : Erik Martensson (Vocal), The Junge Philharmonie Freistadt Orchestra