Artist : RPWL

Album : Live From Outer Space

Release Date : 15-11-2019

Added : 30-12-2019

At the end of 2019, a large number of live were released, each one as remarkable as the other, and ‘Live From Outer Space’ from the Germans of ‘RPWL’ is part of this long list. After the release of 'Tales From Outer Spaces' in early 2019 (see here), the group led by 'Yogi Lang' (see his last album released recently here) undertook a European tour which passed through my favorite concert hall of the Z7 in Pratteln in Switzerland in April 2019 and the concert which is the subject of this double CD was given in Holland on April 7 at Zoetermeer. The set-list is divided into 2 parts, first of all the last opus and this for our greatest pleasure because it would have been frustrating to have only a few compositions given the quality of 'Tales From Outer Spaces'. Needless to say, for those who appreciated the album, the live atmosphere brings even more authenticity and spontaneity which transforms each composition into a delicious moment filled with palpable emotion at all times : to take an example, I would not have been unhappy that the final solo of 'Light of the World' (the title is already almost 13 minutes) continues for a few more minutes. Regarding the second part of the concert, the magic continues to operate because when the first notes of 'Hole in the Sky' are played, we remain on the cloud on which we were sitting since the beginning of the show and scroll the titles which made the reputation of the Germans like 'Trying to Kiss the Sun', 'Roses' or the cover of 'Pink-Floyd', 'Cymbaline' (which is not nfortunately on the CD), the concert ending with the catchy 'Unchain the Earth' from the 2012 album 'Beyond Man and Time' (see here).

In short, after the live 'Plays Pink Floyd's' The Man and the Journey' in 2016 (see here) and 'A New Dawn' in 2017 (see here), this new concert confirms all the talent of the Germans of 'RPWL' in front of an audience and 'Live From Outer Space' is to be added to the ideal collection for all lovers of progressive rock...

Line Up / Musicians

Yogi Lang (Vocal, Keybords), Kalle Wallner (Guitar), Werner Taus (Bass), Markus Jehle (Clavier), Marc Turiaux (Drums)