Artist : Yogi Lang

Album : A Way out of Here

Release Date : 08-11-2019

Added : 19-12-2019

After the release of 'Tales From Outer Spaces' a few months ago with his band 'RPWL' (see here) and a live which was released on November 15th (review to come) , 'Yogi Lang' is releasing a new studio album which has been eagerly awaited by fans since his last album already dates from 2010 (see here). Among the artists accompanying Yogi, only the guitarist 'Karl Wallner' belongs to 'RPWL', but, make no mistake, the influences of 'RPWL' are very real and we find this ‘Floydian’ progressive style by dear to the German, and this from the first title 'Move On' which is the only title of the album that borders on 10 minutes and embarks us for a typical saga of 'RPWL'. With the eponymous title of the album, we move away from the progressive for an accessible and engaging title with a rhythm close to funk, then, the magnificent atmospheric ballad 'Shine On Me' takes us hand to land on a small cloud . 'Do not Confuse Life With A Thought' takes us back to 'RPWL' and 'Love Is All Around' alternates energetic verses and much quieter choruses close to 'Barclay James Harvest', then, 'Freedom of the Day' continues in this cozy atmosphere. As for the instrumental 'Early Morning Light', Yogi returns to his 'Floydian' influences in which the central part brings us back to the rhythm of 'Animals', then the end of the album offers us the ballad 'The Sound of the Ocean' mixing American musical culture and English psychedelic and a melancholic 'I'll Be There For You' that ends this remarkable album smoothly.

In summary, 'Yogi Lang', with a group of talented artists and impeccable production, released a very beautiful album that invites us to dream and travel and, 'A Way out of Here', besides fans of the German and of 'RPWL', should appeal to a wide public who loves the soft side of progressive rock close to 'Pink-Floyd'...

Line Up / Musicians

Yogi Lang (Vocal, claviers), Torsten Weber (Guitar), Stephan Treutter (Drums), Yvo Fischer (Bass), Conny Kreitmeier (Chœurs), Bine Heller (Chœurs), Kalle Wallner (Guitar), Klaus Reichart (Steel Pedal, Mandolin)