Artist : RPWL

Album : A New Dawn (Live)

Release Date : 14-07-2017

Added : 15-11-2017

After the live 'RPWL - Plays Pink Floyd's' The Man and the Journey' in 2016 (see Here), 'RPWL' releases a DVD and a CD which is a real show recorded at the end of 2015 and whose compositions are taken from their last 2 albums' Beyond Man And Time' and 'Wanted' except for the last song that I consider to be their hymn 'A Hole In The Sky' and which was in their first album of 2000. Indeed, we can speak of show because the German formation made appeal to fifty performing artists for an out-of-the-ordinary staging with stage set and costumes from eras. It is true that 'Yogi Lang' was already familiar with that because of the different roadshows like 'Beyond Man And Time' where he wore several different costumes during the show. On the music side, all the fans of 'RPWL' will not be disappointed and the usual line-up is reinforced by choruses with 3 singers which accentuates the resemblance with what has been done by 'David Gilmour' since the 90s. We are plunged into the atmosphere of this group which has made a reputation by making covers of 'Pink-Floyd' but which knew during the last ten years to develop its own style even if they are close in the instrumental parts of the ‘Floydien's psychedelic atmosphere with the sumptuous guitar solos of 'Karlheinz Wallner'. In short, Spotify offers us the sound of 'A New Dawn' to give us an idea of what lies ahead, but if you are a fan of 'RPWL' or even for those who would like to discover this band, the DVD image is essential to come in completely in this unique musical show...

Line Up / Musicians

Yogi Lang (Vocal, Keybords), Karlheinz Wallner (Guitars), Marc Turiaux (Drums), Markus Jehle (Keybords), Werner Taus (Bass) + Guests