Artist : Against Myself

Album : Unity

Release Date : 08-02-2019

Added : 18-03-2019

'Against Myself' is a Spanish symphonic metal band that has already released 2 albums which the latest 'Odyssey to Reflexion' dates from 2015 and 2019 to see the release of a new studio recording 'Unity' which shows a great evolution and which allows to compete with the tenors of the genre like 'Xandria' (see here), 'Beyond The Black' (see here), 'Sirenia’ (see here) or 'Diabolus In Musica' to quote compatriots (see here). Indeed, 'Unity', of 65 minutes, is of a great richness with orchestrations and instrumental arrangements highlighting an impressive work. First, with the instrumental introduction quite common in this kind of album, we are seduced by the fact that the Spaniards have made a full-fledged composition (which is not always the case in the symphonic metal ) that sets the scene in an epic and grandiose atmosphere and is a real introduction to the following title 'Unity' which begins quietly and explodes at about 1 minute for a first melodic title very catchy where all the ingredients of a epic symphonic metal are there. After this powerful and energetic start, 'Hero's Soul' continues in this way all traced with a new title which will certainly be taken again in concert, then 'Over The Clouds' brings with its 7 minutes a progressive component with its ruptures of tempo and intensity while remaining epic thanks to always grandiose choruses. The following continues in this style with 'Demons', 'The Wanderer' and 'Kill to Live' with their unbridled rhythmic sections interspersed with the beautiful ballad 'Crystal Tower' for a welcome break. But the major title of the album is without contest 'Oniros' which is a progressive fresco at the same time epic and melancholic of more than 15 minutes with breaks of intensity and atmosphere and with its magnificent final which passes from a power grandiose to a last minute completely stripped down with some piano chords and a few hints of ‘Irene Villegas'. In summary, with 'Unity', the Spaniards of 'Against Myself' return in a very nice way on the front of the symphonic metal scene and this last album should appeal to all those who are fans of this style of music...

Line Up / Musicians

Carlos Alcalde (Keybords), Irene Villegas (Vocal), Raúl Plaza (Bass), Charly Carretón (Drums), Sergio Culebras (Guitar) + invité : Diego Teksuo (Vocal)