Artist : Diabulus In Musica

Album : Dirge For The Archons

Release Date : 18-11-2016

Added : 07-01-2017

After 'Argia' released in 2014 and which had shown real progress of 'Fear In Musica' (not to be confused with 'Diabolus In Musica', which is a group of classical medieval music), 'Dirge For The Archons' still marks an evolution that allows them to me make a leap to the same level as groups like 'Epica' and 'Therion'. First of all, it is a concept album about an ancient civilization with the recurring theme of the struggle between good and evil, the people 'Archons' representing evil (for short). Musically, they have put the dishes in large, since the very short introduction, we are plunged into an epic universe with an orchestration and grandiose choirs. With 'Marble Embrace', we enter the heart of the topic with a title containing ingredients of symphonic metal: the lyrical song of Zuberoa supported by powerful guitars with epic choirs wish riffs. With 'Invisible', the syle is more quiet and more symphonic with a very melodic chorus. The suite is at the same level, nothing to throw, each title bringing its own atmosphere that makes this latest installment very varied and very entertaining. It should be noted that Spotify offers the version with 2 live tracks from the first album including the very epic 'St Michael's Nightmare'. Anyway, as you may have guessed and although the Symphonic Metal is too often reserved for a certain audience, 'Diabolus In Musica' is now changing in the big leagues and this 'Dirge For The Archons' is probably my favorite 2016 of this style of music...
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Line Up / Musicians

Zuberoa Aznárez (Vocal), Gorka Elso (Keybords), Alexey Kolygin (Guitar), David Carrica (Drums), Odei Ochoa (Bass)