Artist : Beyond The Black

Album : Heart of the Hurricane

Release Date : 31-08-2018

Added : 06-11-2018

Only 4 years ago 'Beyond The Black' was created but the Germans are already part of the major symphonic metal bands and their first 2 albums including 'Lost In Forever' released in early 2017 already confirmed their full potential (see here) and they asserted themselves as a direct competitor to 'Within Temptation', 'Jennifer Haben' having a bit of the same tessitura as 'Sharan Den Adel'. 2018 sees the release of a new opus 'Heart of the Hurricane' and it starts strong with 'Hysteria' which sets the tone in a energetic rhythm and a first addictive refrain that will not let you go. Follow 'Heart of the Hurricane' which had already been the subject of a single and which has all the ingredients of symphonic metal. The first break is brought by 'Through the Mirror', between ballad and mid-tempo which puts forward the beautiful voice of 'Jennifer Haben' then, a second single 'Million Lightyears' offers us a second chorus that should be welcomed in live. The sequel continues to showcase potential hits with epic 'Song for the Godless' which is certainly the title which is the more reminiscent of 'Within Temptation' or the symphonic 'Beneath a Blackened Sky' and its grandiose choruses that can recall 'Epica' or the magnificent power ballad 'My God Is Dead' where the growls of 'Chris Hermsdörfer' bring a counterpoint to the sweetness of the singing of 'Jenneifer Haben' which transmits a real emotion, just like in 'Breeze' where we are far from metal and whose orchestral arrangements and male choruses are magnificent. In summary, this last album dense and varied should be welcomed by all fans of symphonic metal and beyond because 'Beyond The Black', because of the accessibility of all their titles, represent the soft side of this style which should allow them to reach a wider audience...

Line Up / Musicians

Jennifer Haben (Vocal), Stefan Herkenhoff (Bass), Chris Hermsdörfer (Guitar, Choirs), Tobias Lodes (Guitar, Choirs), Jonas Roßner (Keybords, Choirs), Kai Tschierschky (Drums)