Artist : Marygold

Album : One Light Year

Release Date : 20-10-2017

Added : 17-02-2018

I come back to the album 'One Light Year' of the Italians of 'Marygold' that they have already released about 4 months ago. I admit, I did not know this band and yet they appear prominently on Spotify between groups that I enjoy autres ‘Cellar Noise’ (see Here), 'The Adekaem' (see Here), 'Looking-Glass Lantern' (see Here). We find the progressive style of the groups I just mentioned and from the first title 'Ants in the Sand', we feel influences from major groups such as 'Genesis', 'Marillion' or 'Pink Floyd'. Each title develops a story with several parts in a rich and worked style where keyboards play an important role and 'Spherax H2O' of more than 12 minutes is the perfect illustration : we are embarked on a captivating, varied and dense sound labyrinth which keeps us in suspense from first to last note. We can also note this gift for very beautiful melodies as in the melancholic ballad 'Travel Notes on Brittany'. In short, 'Marygold' is a group of quality in the great tradition of the formations mentioned above and this 'One Light Year' should be added to the ideal collection of any amateur of progressive music...

Line Up / Musicians

Guido Cavalleri (Vocal, Flute), Massimo Basaglia (Guitar), Marco Pasquetto (Drums), Stefano Bigarelli (Keybords), Marco Adami (Bass)