Artist : Looking-Glass Lantern

Album : Candlelight and Empire

Release Date : 06-11-2017

Added : 14-01-2018

'Looking-Glass Lantern' (or LGL for short) is the project of 'Graham Dunnington', which brings together all the caps of author, composer, multi-instrumentist and singer. He released at the end of 2017 his third album 'Candlelight and Empire' which tells the life of a rich English family in the Victorian era with the analysis of each personality that revolves around ranging from the maid to the hostess. On the music side, Graham embarks us for one hour and a quarter of progressive rock between 'Barclay James Harvest', 'Alan Parsons Project', 'Genesis' and 'Yes' with melodic compositions. And for those who love long titles, you'll be thrilled with the 30 minutes of 'An Evening Soiree' (yes, you read it well) where Graham takes us on a maze of different atmospheres that must obviously be taken as a whole. In summary, 'Candlelight and Empire' is a sort of a typic 70s progressive rock album with all the ingredients together and if you're a fan of the bands listed above, there are chances that you adopt this last baby of 'LGL'...

Line Up / Musicians

Graham Dunnington (All Instruments, Vocal)