Artist : Cellar Noise

Album : Alight

Release Date : 11-02-2017

Added : 18-05-2017

'Cellar Noise' is an Italian band led by 2 brothers who release their first studio album 'Alight'. They take us into a symphonic and progressive universe of the 70s where they incorporate elements of classical music (listen to the final of 'Temple'). The first instrumental track, 'Dive With Me', mixes electric instruments with acoustic instruments, piano, and cello. In the sung compositions, 'Francesco Lovari' brings a softness that sticks perfectly to the style. In short, apart from the short title 'Blackfriars' quite dynamic, with this first opus, 'Cellar Noise' give us a great time in a world of sweetness and serenity and if you are looking for an album to listen quietly after a good day of work, you should adopt 'Alight', accessible to a fairly large audience...

Line Up / Musicians

Eric Bersan (Drums), Loris Bersan (Bass), Niccolò Gallani (Keybords), Francesco Lovari (Vocal, Percussions), Alessandro Palmisano (Guitar)