Artist : Delain / Visions Of Atlantis

Album : Hunter’s Moon / The Deep & The Dark - Live

Release Date : 22-02-2019

Added : 30-03-2019

With this chronicle I gathered 2 albums of symphonic metal that were released the same day, first of all the new 'Delain', 'Hunter's Moon' which includes 4 new titles and 10 live tracks recorded during the last tour 'The Dance Macabre Tour' (see their latest studio album here), and the latest live album of' Visions Of Atlantis', 'The Deep & The Dark - Live', (see their latest studio album here) which is the concert given at the last tour of 'Symphonic Metal Nights'. For me, these two bands have this same overflowing and communicative energy on stage and each concert is a real communion with the public.

Regarding 'Hunter's Moon' of 'Delain', before returning to the studio for the recording of the 6th studio album and to make us wait, they offer us 4 new titles with first a magnificent 'Masters of Destiny' which is pure 'Delain' with breaks between powerful symphonic parts and others quieter and 'Charlotte Wessels' offers a high-end vocal prestation. The other 3 tracks are a energetic 'Hunter's Moon' where 'Timo Somers' brings growls we not used to hear in the past with 'Delain', then the short 'This Silence Is Mine' which is very rich at the instrumental level and finally 'At Kills' which moves away from the symphonic for a more solid title with again growls and a rhythmic close to the industrial metal. The sequel is a best off of live tracks with the last 2 albums best represented and shows all the mastery in concert with an irreproachable sound and the intervention of 'Marco Hietala' of 'Nightwish' on several titles allows beautiful duets with ' Charlotte Wessels' (see also their beautiful live to celebrate their 10 year career here).

Regarding the live of 'Visions of Atlantis', it is taken almost from the entire last album (except 'Prayer to the Lost', which I regret his absence from the live but we console ourselves with the magnificent 'The Last Home' and an even more touching performance in public of 'Clémentine Delauney' than in the studio album, the French having really taken the place she deserves for many years to become one of the best symphonic metal female singers). With these new compositions, the short set of 48 minutes shows all the dynamism that can deploy this band in concert with accessible powerful and fast titles as the first one, the eponymous title of the last album that puts you right in the bath. This tour was also a bit special considering the passage of witness between the singer 'Siegfried Samer' who was integrated in the group since 2013 and who goes to new adventures with 'Dragonfly' (see their latest album here), and the newcomer, the Italian 'Michele Guaitoli' who is no stranger since he is still one of the members of the Italian group 'Temperance' (see their latest album ). Without making any comparison, I will simply say that the new duet in singing works as well as the old one and this live makes it possible to realize it better since the 2 singers sing each one part of the set.

In summary, these two albums are two condensed of positive energy and show how these two formations have the talent to transmit it to their audience and are made for the stage, and if you like this style, I strongly advise you to go see them in concert, nothing can replace the live atmosphere...

Line Up / Musicians

Delain :
Charlotte Wessels (Vocal), Martijn Westerholt (Keybords), Otto Schimmelpenninck van der Oije (Bass), Joey Marin de Boer (Drums), Timo Somers (Guitar), Merel Bechtold (Guitar)

Visions Of Atlantis :
Clémentine Delauney (Vocal), Siegfried Samer (Vocal), Michele Guaitoli (Vocal), Christian Douscha (Guitar), Herbert Glos (Bass), Thomas Caser (Drums)