Artist : Klone

Album : Le Grand Voyage

Release Date : 20-09-2019

Added : 31-12-2019

In an atmospheric rock style, here is the latest album ‘Le Grand Voyage’ from the French of ‘Klone’ which was released a few months ago. 2015 had seen the release of 'Here Comes The Sun' (see here) and 2017 the acoustics 'Unplugged' (see here) : it is therefore to the rhythm of an album every 2 years that 'Klone' continues its way, this new album being a continuation of the previous ones. We are therefore on board for 46 minutes, between rather dark atmospheric and hypnotic atmospheres and this starting with 'Yonder' which peacefully unrolls its melody in an alternation of calm parts and others more powerful with a final crescendo and we can’t prevent making the comparison with certain compositions of 'Anathema' (see here). ‘Bread’ and ‘Sealed’ follow in the wake of ‘Yonder’ and ‘Indelible’, with the addition of the saxophone on the end have a something of ‘Floydian’ style. With 'Keystone', even if the atmospheric side is still present, the more swaying rhythm section and the powerful final brings a variety to the whole and the end of the album gives us a catchy and energetic 'The Great Oblivion', then 'Sad And Slow' with its crescendo which prints an increasingly heavy sound and finally 'Silver Gate' which is a good summary of the opus with a linear melodic line and a slow increase in power which falls back on the final.

In summary, even if some people will regret a certain languor which can generate boredom in the long run but which is linked to this atmospheric style, 'Le Grand Voyage' is a quality album which follows logic of 'Here Comes The Sun' and which should appeal to an audience who likes a peaceful rock and conducive to travel developing slow melodies alternating serenity and power...

Line Up / Musicians

Yann Ligner (Vocal), Aldrick Guadagnino (Guitar), Guillaume Bernard (Guitar), Jonathan Jolly (Bass), Matthieu Metzger (Saxophone, Samples), Morgan Berthet (Drums)