Artist : Anathema

Album : The Optimist

Release Date : 09-06-2017

Added : 19-06-2017

Anathema’s album release is ever an event in the sphere of atmospheric rock. 'The Optimist' is the latest album of the English which is a continuation of the album 'A Fine Day To Exit' of 2001. We find the aerial and melancholic atmospheres with constructions out from the conventions, often repeated themes and crescendos which have made their trademark such as the eponymous title that begins in a few piano notes and the theme that rises in power to finally fall back as it had begun. And previous albums that I found too monotonous, this new opus brings a greater variety between each composition. As often, do not stop at the first listen because 'The Optimist' is revealed little by little and requires to linger to tame it. In short, 'Anathema' confirms their potential and even if they remain limited to a certain warned audience, can be a gateway to those who would like to discover this kind of progressive music that is called 'atmospheric rock'...

Line Up / Musicians

Lee Douglas (Vocal), Vincent Cavanagh (Vocal, Guitars, Keybords), Danny Cavanagh (Vocal, Guitars, Keybords), Jamie Cavanagh (Bass), Daniel Cardoso (Drums), John Douglas (Percussions)