Artist : Millenium

Album : THE WEB

Release Date : 15-10-2019

Added : 04-12-2019

After the very good '44 Minutes' in 2017 (see here) and the EP 'MMXVIII' in 2018 (see here), the Polishs of 'Millenium' released a new album 'THE WEB' in October 2019 bringing their discography to fifteen studio recordings in twenty years if we count EP, this is to say the frequency of release of each opus. As they have accustomed us, it's still a concept album about the dangers of the Internet that they consider as a trap in which anyone can fall, I quote: "The dependence on the game, the drugs or the alcohol can and often leads to depression, loneliness and suicidal thoughts. The cure for this evil is the friendship and love of another person. 'THE WEB' is a story in which each of us can be the main character, fighting for love, peace and happiness! How will this story end? ".
On the music side, despite some changes of line up (the saxophone of 'Dariusz Rybka' has disappeared like the choruses of 'Karolina Leszko'), we are in continuity with the previous albums, that is to say a progressive rock melodic and peaceful that can be described as 'Floydien' and to take a more recent reference, I would quote the Canadians of 'Mystery' (see their latest album here and a last live which just released here). The album is based on the master piece 'THE WEB', in 3 parts, which is interspersed with 5 other compositions between 5 and 8 minutes. We find beautiful melodies that unfold their slow tempo as in 'The Lonely Ship' or 'In The Ocean of the Night' with remarkable 'Gilmourian' guitar solos by 'Piotr Ponka'. The keyboards of 'Ryszard Kramarski' (see his other projects here and here) always bring this binder between the different instruments and constitute the base of 'Millenium'. The album ends with the 3rd installment of 'THE WEB', 'Who Can Bring Them Back To Life', which once again takes us into a melancholy melody with a solo of keyboards and an aerial guitar, the last note passed giving us this irresistible urge to press the play button again. In short, the Poles of 'Millenium' continue to enchant us with their melodic progressive rock and 'THE WEB' is still an album to enjoy quietly the headphones on the ears: the Polish progressive rock is quite rich and if you like trainings like 'tRKproject', 'Loonypark' (see here) or 'Albion' (see here), 'THE WEB' should definitely please you...

Line Up / Musicians

Ukasz gall (Vocal), Piotr Ponka (Guitar), Krzysztof Wyrwa (Bass), Grzegorz Bauer (Drums, Percussions), Ryszard Kramarski (Keybords, Guitar)