Artist : Mystery

Album : Lies and Butterflies

Release Date : 14-07-2018

Added : 15-09-2018

After a wonderful 'Delusion Rain' in 2015 (see here) and a fantastic live 'Second Home' in 2017 (see here), the band 'Michel St-père' is back with a new album 'Lies and Butterflies' which is already their 8th studio album. To cut short any wait, this last opus is for me of the same emotional level that had procured me 'Delusion Rain' and from the beginning, 'Looking for Something Else' embarks us for 17 minutes in a pure jewel of epic progressive, symphonic and of a magnitude that should give goose bumps in live in the manner of a 'Shine On You Crazy Diamonds'. Then, 'Come to Me', who marries beautifully acoustically and electrically, then 'How Do You Feel?' Takes us by the hand to bring us on a small cloud with a little melodic gem and a 'Jean Pageau' at the top of his art. With 'Something to Believe In', it's a wonderful blend of progressive and more classic rock with a melancholic melody that is a kind of mix between the melodic lines of ‘Elton John’ and ‘Queen' and, 'Dare to Dream' continue in this way with a beautiful aerial solo of 'Michel St-Père' and a passage full of serenity brought by the flute of 'Jean Pageau'. 'Where Dreams Come Alive' juxtaposes an energetic first part where 'François Fournier' on bass shows all his talent and a second slower one which ends with a new masterful guitar solo by Michel. Finally, the album ends in beauty with a new long piece progressive and epic with 'Chrysalis' which takes us on a journey again for 15 minutes and alternating melancholic passages and other more energetic. In short, as you will have understood, it is still a faultless for the Quebecois of 'Mystery' which continue, album after album, to enchant us and this 'Lies and Butterflies' comes to be added to the beautiful collection of the indispensable opus of progressive music...

Line Up / Musicians

Michel St-père (Guitar), Jean Pageau (Vocal, Flute), Antoine Michaud (Keybords), Sylvain Moineau (Guitar), François Fournier (Bass), Jean. Sébastien Goyette (Drums)