Artist : Edenbridge

Album : Dynamind

Release Date : 25-10-2019

Added : 08-12-2019

The beginning of the year 2017 saw the release of the remarkable 'The Great Momentum' (see here) and the last baby of the Austrians of Edenbridge 'is called' Dynamind ' and is their 10th studio album. After 20 years of career in 2018, the recipe is now well established and the training conducted by 'Lanvall' offers us once again compositions in a symphonic metal accessible but unlike 'The Great Momentum', this new opus seems more energetic with a majority of powerful titles where the guitar riffs are still present but with more catchy rhythmic and this from the first titles with, first of all, 'The Memory Hunter' which is significant of the brand of 'Edenbridge factory', then 'Live and Let Go' continues in this way with a chorus also typical of the Austrians which captivates you immediately and 'Where Oceans Collide' continues with a fast and powerful rhythm close to the power metal. The first surprise arrives 'On The Other Side', rather offbeat title of the rest, which embarks us for a very lively Irish with a melody that does not leave you any more, then, you have to wait for 'Tauerngold' to have the power ballade of the album with its heady melody of which only 'Lanvall' has the secret and with 'What Dreams May Come', we return to a more powerful style and with a nice part more posed in the middle of the title. And, as is the custom with 'Lanvall', the long epic title comes with 'The Last of His Kind' and, even though it did not give me as much listening pleasure as' The Great Momentum '- here or 'The Bonding' - here (it must be said that' Lanvall 'had set the bar very high for these compositions ), the 12 minutes remain a real happiness with several overlapping parts alternating calm and power and a melody that remains in your head and a grand symphonic final.

In short, the Austrians of Edenbridge 'released a new album in the continuity of the precedents which should be undoubtedly welcomed by all the fans but also by all the amateurs and amateurs of symphonic metal...

Line Up / Musicians

Sabine Edelsbacher (Vocal), Lanvall (Guitar, Keybords), Dominik Sebastian (Guitar), Stefan Gimpl (Bass), Johannes Jungreithmeier (Drums)