Artist : The Pineapple Thief

Album : Dissolution

Release Date : 31-08-2018

Added : 04-11-2018

'The Pineapple Thief' has become a staple of the global progressive scene and 'Dissolution' adds to the long list of the band’s albums. Strangely, certainly by listening too fast, I had not managed to fully enter the last opus of 2016 'Your Wilderness' (like what, I'll certainly get back to it) because this 'Dissolution' is a fantastic album with a topical theme on the human who despite all communication technologies isolates himself and gradually loses the link with others. After the beautiful introduction 'Not Naming Any Names' very refined, 'Try as I Might' is an accessible title whose chorus can be reminiscent of 'Steven Wilson' (see his latest album here). Following 'Threatening War' with verses and chorus alternating delicacy and energy, then 'Uncovering Your Tracks' takes us into its disturbing atmosphere and 'Far Below' returns to a more conventional style. But the title track of the album is 'White Mist' which with its 11 minutes embarks us into a typical composition of the progressive with its different parts, a masterful rhythm section assured by 'Gavin Harrison' and its alternations between quiet passages and powerful. In summary, the English of 'The Pineapple Thief' show that they have become one of the major groups of the progressive scene and 'Dissolution' should undoubtedly be well received by all fans of the band but also by any amateur of modern progressive rock...

Line Up / Musicians

Bruce Soord (Vocal, Guitar, Keybords), Jon Sykes (Bass), Steve Kitch (Keybords), Gavin Harrison (Drums) + Guest : David Torn (Guitar)