Artist : Steven Wilson

Album : To The Bone

Release Date : 18-08-2017

Added : 03-10-2017

For 2 years, ‘Steven Wilson' has not been idle because, first, he released a solo album 'Hand Can not Erase' in 2015 and an EP '4½’ in 2016 (see Here) and second with his ‘Blackfield’ project, the magnificent 'Blackfield V' (see Here). 2017 sees the release of his fifth studio album 'To The Bone' and we wonder with as much production, how he manages to always offer us the same level of quality in his compositions. Unlike previous albums, most of the titles in this new opus are much more accessible and will certainly help to introduce Steven to a wider audience. I can already hear some fans criticizing titles like 'Permanating' saying that it is far from the 'Steven Wilson' that we know, more introspective. For my part, I think that it is in diversity that we see the quality of an artist (we must not forget that he is one of the main actors of the ‘Porcupine Tree’ group) and accessibility doesn’t mean at all non-quality. With 'To The Bone', we navigate in a diverse and melodic universe between pop and rock with very well constructed compositions and always this talent for arrangements that turns a traditional song into a gem. With titles like 'Pariah', 'The Same As Before Asylum' or the magnificent 'Song Of I', Steven shows that it rises to the same level that a ‘David Bowie’ with finally a very similar route of musical pioneer. In summary, 'To The Bone' is simply a kind of homage to pop and rock music of our last 40 years shaped by the talent of Steven Wilson' to make it something unique, the kind of timeless work that marks...

Line Up / Musicians

Steven Wilson (Vocal, Guitars, Keybords), Adam Holzman (Keybords), Craig Blundell (Drums) + Guests : David Kollar (Guitars), Jeremy Stacey (Drums), Mark Feltham (Harmonica), Ninet Tayeb (Vocal), Pete Eckford (Percussion), Sophie Hunger (Vocal)