Artist : Syrinx Call

Album : The Moon on a Stick

Release Date : 11-05-2018

Added : 03-08-2018

'Syrinx Call' is the project of the German 'Volker Kuinke' who after a first opus 'Wind in the Wood' in 2015 released his second album 'The Moon on a Stick'; for this, he has surrounded himself with a group of talented artists with among others the composer and multi-instrumentist 'Jens Lueck' and the singer 'Isgaard' (see their latest collaboration here). Volker is a emeritus flautist and puts forward his instrument in a set of very varied compositions which mix various styles between symphonic, pop, folk and rock and which make us travel in a patchwork of different sonorities. Overall the atmosphere is calm and serene as for example in 'Sunday Mood', 'The Moon on a Stick' or in 'In a Daze' where 'Isgaard' enchants us with its soft and aerian song, but some compositions which involve electric instruments bring us into a rock tinged with progressive as in 'Traces in my Mind', where the guitar and the flute offers a magnificent contrast. And if I had to remember a few titles, I would say on the one hand 'Breathe In' which reminds me of the most beautiful compositions of 'Mostly Autumn' (see here) and the very 'Floydian' 'The Man in the Spotlight' which closes the album admirably. In summary, 'Volker Kuinke' takes us with his flute in a soothing trip to enjoy calmly and if you like aerian progressive atmospheres, 'The Moon on a Stick' should please you...

Line Up / Musicians

Volker Kuinke (Flute), Jens Lueck (Keybords, Piano, Drums, Choirs), Doris Packbiers (Vocal, Choirs), Juergen Osuchowski (Guitar), Joachim Schlueter (Guitar), Jan Peterson (Guitar), Isgaard (Vocal), Katja Flintsch (Violin, Alto), Annika Stolze (Cello), Monika Lewis (Vocal), Iain Lewis (Vocal)