Artist : Single Celled Organism

Album : Splinter in the Eye

Release Date : 27-10-2017

Added : 11-01-2018

Between progressive and neo-prog, 'Single Celled Organism' is the project of the composer and multi-instrumentist 'Jen Lueck' and 'Splinter in the Eye' is his first baby which is a concept album based on a scientific experiment difficult to summarize in a few words (for more details, see the story Here). Musically, the influences are many and we can cite progressive groups of the 70s as 'Genesis' or 'Pink-Floyd' but also artists of the new generation as the projects of 'Steven Wilson' ('Blackfield' or 'Porcupine Tree') or 'Anathema' for the atmospheric side. We navigate in compositions with multiple twists but nevertheless accessible because 'Jens Lueck' has an undeniable talent of melodist and all the titles flow naturally. To note, the magnificent song of 'Isgaard' in the 3 central titles which add an aerian side to the peaceful and sensitive atmosphere of the whole. In short, this new project 'Single Celled Organism' is a very good surprise 2017 and, if you like atmospheric progressive atmospheres telling a story, this ‘Splinter in the Eye’ is for you...

Line Up / Musicians

Jens Lueck (Drums, Keybords, Vocal, Bass), Isgaard (Vocal), Jan Petersen (Guitar), Ingo Salzmann (Guitar), Dieter Koch (Guitar), Volker Kuinke (Flute), Katja Flintsch (Violin, Viola), Annika Stolze (Cello)