Artist : Vision Divine

Album : When All the Heroes Are Dead

Release Date : 25-10-2019

Added : 15-12-2019

'Vision Divine' is an Italian melodic metal band that released an important number of albums in the 2000s and returns with a new studio recording 7 long years after 'Destination Set to Nowhere' in 2012 (see here). The line-up has evolved with, first of all, a new singer 'Ivan Giannini' who is known to be the singer of 'Derdian' (see here) and who has replaced 'Fabio Lione', then a new drummer in the person of 'Mike Terrana' who has an impressive resume with, among others, a few years with 'Tarja' (see here and ici). In musical terms, no surprise, after the epic and symphonic introduction filled with choruses, we are embarked on melodic power metal with energetic and powerful titles where 'Mike Terrana' impress with a hell rhythm section, and if you only had to remember a few tracks, I'd mention the simple but very effective 'Where I God' melodic, the syrupy power ballade 'While the Sun Is Turning Black', and a name less effective '300' with its catchy chorus. Special mention also for the final ballad 'The Nihil Propaganda' which, although it is quite agreed, shows this little plus that the Italians have to offer us memorable melodies.

In short, 'Vision Divine' continues to offer us good power metal which has become over time an Italian specialty with formations like 'Ancient Bards' (see here), 'Derdian' (see here), 'Mastercastle' (see here) and, of course, like all projecsts of the trio 'Luca Turilli', 'Fabio Leone' and 'Alex Staropoli' (see the latest album of 'Rhapsody of Fire' here)...

Line Up / Musicians

Ivan Giannini (Vocal), Olaf Thorsen (Guitar), Federico Puleri (Guitar), Alessio Lucatti (Keybords), Andrea Tower Torricini (Bass), Mike Terrana (Drums)