Artist : Edge Of Paradise

Album : Universe

Release Date : 08-11-2019

Added : 17-12-2019

Created by the American singer 'Margarita Monet' in 2011, 'Edge Of Paradise' is a metal band that has just released its 3rd studio album (see their latest album here) : they evolve in a modern melodic and symphonic metal and that could be compared to the new direction taken by 'Within Temptation' in his new opus (see here) but also to groups closer to an energetic hard rock like 'Halestorm' (see here). Indeed, their style mixes several genres by adding electronic components borrowed from the industrial metal and the result is a powerful and heavy sound with fairly short and rhythmic titles in which we can’t help but stomp.
First, with the first three tracks 'Fire', 'Universe' and 'Alone' we have a good example of typical compositions of the Americans with a fast tempo, hammered guitar riffs and simple but effective melodic lines. With 'Alone', the symphonic component is more marked with changes of tempos while keeping a rather heavy rhythmic base, then it leaves again of more beautiful with 'Hollow' which approaches the beginning of the album with a chanted chorus by the beautiful American. The rest of the album features a catchy 'Perfect Disaster', the melodic 'Stars' and the instrumental final 'Burn the Sun' featuring remarkable guitar solos.

In short, the Americans of 'Edge Of Paradise' deploy a modern metal, accessible and catchy and this last album 'Universe' should please a public loving the mix between different styles of metal...

Line Up / Musicians

Margarita Monet (Vocal), Dave Bates (Guitar), David Ruiz (Guitar), Vanya Kapetanovic (Bass), Jimmy Lee (Drums)