Artist : Within Temptation

Album : Resist

Release Date : 01-02-2019

Added : 10-03-2019

The new album 'Resist' from 'Within Temptation', whose release was postponed to 1 of February, was eagerly awaited by all the fans, their last album 'Hydra' already dating from 2014, the group having decided to take a well-deserved break after 20 busy years and this break has been beneficial to 'Sharon Den Adel' who released a solo recording 'My Indigo' in 2018 (see here). Although we read here and there that 'Within Temptation' has changed its style to be more pop, by listening to the first track 'The Reckoning', it is absolutely not this qualifier which comes to me first because the power is still there but the style has evolved to a more modern sound clearly highlighting keyboards and electronic sounds, guitar riffs being relegated to the background. The title that follows 'Endless War' continues in this evolution with a melodic line much closer to what we knew and the symphonic aspect, certainly much less marked, still appears by small touch in the form of grandiose choirs as also in 'Supernova'. The set shows us that 'Within Temptation' always has this talent to offer us accessible melodies that immediately enter the mind and that Sharon always has this voice that she can modulate perfectly according to the moods and the choice of titles for their next concerts may be quite complicated because it is difficult to find a title that has no potential to be interpreted in public. In summary, with this last album 'Resist', I will simply say that the Dutch of 'Within Temptation' sign on a certain continuity by looking for new sounds in the air of time which will undoubtedly allow them to on the one hand, to keep their historical fan base and, on the other hand, to win others and why not, popularize an accessible metal so that it becomes recognized by the general public like the ‘AC/DC’ Australians did for the hard-rock in the 80s...

Line Up / Musicians

Sharon Den Adel (Vocal), Robert Westerholt (Guitar), Martijn Spierenburg (Keybords), Jeroen van Veen (Bass), Ruud Jolie (Guitar), Stefan Helleblad (Guitar), Mike Coolen (Drums) + Guest : Jacoby Shaddix (Vocal), Anders Fridén (Vocal), Jasper Steverlinck (Vocal)