Artist : Kingcrow

Album : The Persistence

Release Date : 07-09-2018

Added : 07-11-2018

After 'Eidos' released in 2018 (see here), the Italians of 'Kingcrow' released in early September a new album 'The Persistence'. We find the style of the previous opus with imaginative and refined progressive metal with rhythm and intensity breaks requiring usually several plays to enter their universe. These characteristics, we find them from the first two tracks 'Drenched' and 'Closer' then ‘Everything Goes' brings a more atmospheric style as the melodic 'Folding Paper Dreams' which can recall some titles of ‘Anathema'. The following shows us this progressive and atmospheric mix with for example 'Every Broken Piece of Me' or 'Devil's Got A Picture' between tensions and relaxation but also the magnificent crescendo of 'Night's Descending' where 'Daniel Gildenlöw' (see last album of 'Pain of Salvation' here) lends his voice masterfully and that is for me the highlight of the album, which ends with the moving 'Perfectly Imperfect'. In summary, the Italians of 'Kingcrow' follow closely the path of 'Pain of Salvation' and as often in progressive, 'The Persistence' is an album that like the good wine improves with time but, on the down side, (and it’s a pity) risk of being intended for an informed public...

Line Up / Musicians

Diego Marchesi (Vocal), Diego Cafolla (Guitar, Choirs), Ivan Nastasi (Guitar, Choirs), Thundra Cafolla (Drums), Cristian Della Polla (Keybords), Riccardo Nifosì (Bass) + Guest : Daniel Gildenlöw (Vocal)