Artist : Pain Of Salvation

Album : In The Passing Light Of Day

Release Date : 13-01-2017

Added : 12-02-2017

With 'Pain Of Salvation', we are accustomed to large deviations between calm and storm where you drop from devasting riffs to a whispered passage but always on the razor's edge. Based on his painful experience that early cost his life, 'Daniel Gildenlöw' 'In The Passing Light Of Day' described us the different stages of his illness. About compositions, you will need certainly a several listenings to completely penetrate the Daniel’s tortured universe but we feel fairly quickly a great emotional intensity emerging from each title that makes us penetrate to the depths of intimacy and we say to ourselves that, ultimately, it is probably its painful ordeal that enabled him to go deep inside himself to compose an intense and overwhelming work. In short, with this 'In The Passing Light Of Day' coming out in the beginning of this year, we already account a 2017 major record outside the modes and styles that feels more than it listens to, at the same level as 'Blackstar', last album of the late 'David Bowie' released just one year before...

Line Up / Musicians

Daniel Gildenlöw (Vocal / Guitars), Daniel Karlsson (Keybords), Gustaf Hielm (Bass), Léo Margarit (Drums), Ragnar Zolberg (Vocal / Guitars)