Artist : Eynomia

Album : Break Free

Release Date : 26-01-2018

Added : 14-03-2018

'Eymonia' is a new project by experienced American metal artists who have just released their first album, 'Break Free'. Led by the singer 'Phyllis Rutter', they evolve in a symphonic metal style with compositions easy to access and claim European groups like 'Within Temptation' or 'Delain'. From the beginning, with 'Cleansing', the tone is given for an easily accessible melody with keyboards at the same level as the guitars and we discover the singing of 'Phyllis Rutter' in a classic rock/metal register that can be compared to that of 'Sabine Edelsbacher' from ‘Edenbridge'(see their latest album Here) even though her range is a bit deep. The compositions are divided between catchy melodies such as 'Cleansing', 'Someday Maybe' or the energetic 'Take a look' and others lighter like 'Till We Meet Again', 'Break Free' or the beautiful ballad 'Through Your Eyes'. In summary, even if they do not revolutionize the genre and are added to the already long list of metal bands singers, 'Eynomia' offers us a very good album between symphonic rock and metal that should please all fans of bands with female singer...

Line Up / Musicians

Phyllis Rutter (Vocal), Mike LePond (Bass), Chris Bickley (Guitar), Jimmy Pitts (Keybords), Gaetano Nicolosi (Drums)