Artist : The Dark Element

Album : Songs the Night Sings

Release Date : 08-11-2019

Added : 25-12-2019

After the first album of the group just 2 years ago (see here), 'The Dark Element' led by singer 'Anette Olzon' and guitarist 'Jani Liimatainen' do it again with a new studio recording 'Songs the Night Sings' and the impression felt when listening to the first album is confirmed and shows that the Finns continue to offer us an accessible melodic symphonic metal influenced by major formations of the genre like 'Nightwish', 'Within Temptation' or 'Delain'.

From the powerful introduction of 'Not Your Monster', fans of 'Nightwish' will not be disoriented and we say that the album starts off well because this is the typical title that could be placed at the beginning of the concert to involve a whole public. Without transition, the eponymous title of the album bring the same ambiance and, even if the melody eyeing the side of 'Nighwish', we are carried away by all the energy that emerges with a heady melody, then, 'When It All Comes Down' continues in this debauchery of sound power for a title that alternates catchy verses and a mid-tempo chorus of an impressive striking force. With 'Silence Between The Words', the style softens for a dancing title that reminds of the first period of 'Within Temptation' and 'Pills On My Pillow' continues in the wake of 'Within Temptation' but this time in the style of the last album with a much more marked modern rhythm (see here). After all these energetic tracks, the first break arrives with the magnificent power ballad ‘To Whatever End’ in which ‘Anette Olzon’ exudes a beautiful emotion. Then, it restarts again with the powerful and fast 'The Pallbearer Walks Alone' and the amazing 'Get Out Of My Head' which flirts with metallic disco in the second part of the title, then 'If I Had A Heart' shows a more classic side in a register which moves away from metal while remaining very melodic, just like 'You Will Learn' which alternates power and serenity in a melodic rock style and the album ends with a touch of emotion with the beautiful ballad 'I Have to Go' where 'Annette Olzon' touches us one last time with her deep and warm voice.

In summary, the Finns of 'The Dark Element' release a remarkable album and continue on the path they had opened with their first album and 'Songs the Night Sings' is intended for all lovers of metal symphonic and melodic but can also be a gateway for all those who want to discover this style because it is a very accessible album...

Line Up / Musicians

Anette Olzon (Vocal), Jani Liimatainen (Guitar), Jonas Kuhlberg (Bass), Jani “hurtsi” Hurula (Drums)