Artist : Medea

Album : A Fate Symphony

Release Date : 06-03-2020

Added : 06-04-2020

After the 'Nothern Light' in 2017, 'Henry Meeuws' continues on its way with a new rock opera 'A Fate Symphony' which tells the story of 'Lucas' who wants to be treat of his epilepsy and who hangs contact with doctor 'Koháry', a mysterious Hungarian neuroscientist who claims to be able to cure him and make his life normal, but the doctor who is a Protestant has many other intentions, those to eradicate Catholicism. And for this opera, 'Henry Meeuws' did not skimp on the vocal section since it is 9 singers and the group 'Les Vocalettes' who lend their voices to this rock opera (see presentation on the site of 'Medea' here).

Musically speaking, we are always in a progressive style between rock and metal and the parallel with the productions of 'Arjen Lucassen', including 'Ayreon', is obvious (review to come from' Electric Castle Live And Other Tales' and last live 'Ayreon Universe'). 10 tracks for 1 hour of listening, needless to say that this kind of album requires a few repeated listenings and that it is essential to take it as a whole. We navigate between energetic and serene atmospheres and 'Seizures' which starts the album, is not necessarily the most accessible with many changes of tempo and intensity and a beautiful very theatrical performance of 'Bart Schwertmann' then, 'Traces of a Fate Symphony', first of all, unrolls a peaceful melody in the first part then increases in power with a much more progressive second part. 'To Change History' comes back to energetic progressive and 'Regression', much more symphonic, offers us first a melodious song part, then, a beautiful instrumental section with a magnificent guitar solo and, with 'Chest Without Books', progressive instrumental sections are more sought after and alternates beautifully with the parts sung in a lighter atmosphere. 'Hungarian Dance' is nothing more than a cover of Hungarian dance N ° 5 of 'Johannes Brahms' in an extravagant interpretation in which the electric guitar joins otht instruments and 'Blood Countess' is an energetic title with vocal performances remarkable which can make think of certain compositions of 'Ayreon', then, one also finds the influences of Arjen Lucassen in 'Nova Zembla (Third Time's A Charm)' which is for me the major title of the album on the melodic and progressive plans and with significant research in terms of vocal and instrumental arrangements. The energetic 'Orange's Brides' then, offers us a remarkable performance by the vocal group 'The Vocalettes' and it is with the long development 'Murderer Or Martyr', containing all the ingredients for a sought-after and inventive progressive that the opera finishes imposingly.

In summary, this rock opera by 'Henry Meeuws' is a total success which it is necessary to tame listen after listen and, even if the atmosphere is not as grand as the projects of 'Arjen Lucassen', 'A Fate Symphony' is recommended for all those who love the great productions of Ayreon'...

Line Up / Musicians

Henry Meeuws (Guitar, Keybords, Piano) + Guests : Bart Schwertmann (Vocal), John Jaycee Cuijpers (Vocal), Noor van de Voort (Vocal), Bas Dolmans (Vocal), Robbie van Stiphout (Vocal), Sandra Peeters (Vocal), Ernst Le Cocq d'Armandville (Vocal), Joss Mennen (Vocal), Jo de Boeck (Vocal), Josien Obers (Vocal), Babz Verhoeven (Vocal), Inge van Asseldonk (Vocal), Marloes Kooter (Vocal), Igor Koopmans (Drums), Iris Gilsing (Clarinette), Frank de Groot (Bass)