Artist : Medea

Album : Northern Light

Release Date : 01-09-2017

Added : 19-11-2017

Like 'Arjen Lucassen', 'Henry Meeuws', also a Dutchman, writes progressive and symphonic rock operas and, with 'Northern Light', it’s his third album under the name of 'Medea'. In parallel, he also participates in the project 'Casual Silence' as a keyboard player. The new opera rock narrate an old religious tale of Lapland about eternal life (see Here). So, he called on various artists from the rock scene and each character is interpreted by a singer. From style side, it's classical and very accessible progressive rock : past the epic and symphonic instrumental introduction 'Aurora Overture', 'The Oldest Lake' is an acoustic ballad and 'Wise Mans Invitation' takes us into an atmosphere of 'Dream Theater' or classical piano and violin instruments rub electric guitar. Overall, all the songs are very melodic with a staging similar to a theater where actors interact as in 'Souls of a Kind' and its beautiful vocal harmonies. In short, with this last album, 'Henry Meeuws' offers us a rock opera full of beautiful and accessible melodies interpreted by high-quality singers and 'Northern Light' should please all lovers of a progressive rock accessible and loving concept albums...

Line Up / Musicians

Henry Meeuws (Guitar, Keybords, Piano) + Guests : Igor Koopmans (Drums), Frank de Groot (Bass), Ernst Le Cocq d'Armandville (Vocal : Tristan), Joss Mennen (Vocal : Vegard), John 'Jaycee' Cuijpers (Vocal : Dr. Crottet), Sandra Peeters (Vocal : Marylin), Rob Laarhoven (Vocal : Mr. Hallgrim), Medea Children Choir (Choirs : Childsoldiers), Josien Obers (Choirs)