Artist : Stream Of Passion

Album : Memento

Release Date : 25-11-2016

Added : 05-01-2017

2005 saw out 'Embrace The Storm'; After 11 years of existence, 4 studio albums, 'Stream Of Passion' bows and released a latest DVD 'Memento'; having followed them throughout this period (a few memorable concerts at the 'z7' near Basel), this latest installment of course takes a particular turn. 17 titles are drawn from the whole of their career alternating between securities metal as 'Monster', 'A war Of Our Own', 'Collide', 'Lost' or even the very melodic 'The Endless Night' and other more calm which to have their trademark as 'In The End', When You Hurt Me The Most', ' Don't Let Go', 'Open Your Eyes', or 'Nostalgia' that picked you up this little thrill so characteristic. Throughout the concert, 'Marcella Bovio' gives us the best of itself and on the set, on the resumption of 'Radiohead', 'Street Sprit' or 'This Endless Night', it offers us some singers classic worthy of the largest vocalizations. Also, note a 'Sonata Arctica' recovery, I Have A Right that the Group appropriates admirably. In conclusion, this DVD is a nice parting gift for all the fans who were not able to (like me) see them one last time in concert and can be for others the opportunity to know a group that began under the leadership of 'Arjen Lucassen' and which marked the world of symphonic metal for a decade...
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Line Up / Musicians

Marcela Bovio (Vocal, Violin), Johan van Stratum (Bass), Eric Hazebroek (Guitar), Jeffrey Revet (Keybords, Piano), Martijn Peters (Drums), Stephan Schultz (Guitar)