Artist : Oknos

Album : Old World

Release Date : 13-01-2017

Added : 13-03-2017

'Oknos' is a new German symphonic metal band who just released their first studio album. After a brief instrumental introduction usual for this kind of group, we discover a melodic symphonic metal close to ‘Within Temptation’ which allow us to discover the Anna singing comparable to the 'Simone Simons' register. Some titles stand out from the whole as, for example, the Oriental 'Old World', the hit power 'Falling', the refreshing 'Ghost Script' with its choirs and sharp guitar riffs, 'Fire' which starts in ballad then continue on a dynamic part and finally the last title for over 8 minutes 'Requiem' which is an end in several epic parties. In short, with this first album 'Old World', 'Oknos' make a faultless and, even if the compositions are without surprise, this new group should delight all fans of symphonic metal with a female singer...

Line Up / Musicians

Anna (Vocal), Johannes (Guitar), Benjamin (Guitar), Arne (Bass), Sebastian (Drums), Philipp (Keybords, Bagpipe)