Artist : Marco Mattei

Album : Out of Control

Release Date : 19-11-2021

Added : 21-12-2021

Marco Mattei' is an Italian singer/songwriter who released his first studio recording 'Out of Control' in November 2021. Surrounded by an impressive list of artists (see below), he offers us a variety of different styles in fairly short formats ('Void' still closes in on 7 minutes) and we navigate between pop, rock, hard-rock, and folk, all of this sprinkled with a good dose of progressive.

We're welcomed into Indie influences with 'Would I Be Me' (see video above) recalling the 'Beatles' white album period following their trip to India in 1968, then, without transition, 'Picture in a Frame' (see video here) takes us into a mix of pop and funk with an imaginative rhythm section and 'More Intense', which follows, is a restful ballad in a slight crescendo that may recall the moods of 'Peter Gabriel' in the mid-80s. I'll Be Born' continues in a delicate mood but this time with melodic influences of 'Roger Waters' but in a much more serene register than the Englishman, then 'Lullaby for You' starts with a childlike song and continues in a kind of delicate acoustic lullaby, delightfully accompanied by a slide guitar. Without transition, after 'Lullaby for You', 'Anymore' comes along and offers us some good hard rock with a sustained rhythmic, followed by 'Tomorrow' (see the very beautiful video here) which this time takes us to the country with a rhythmic instrumental, an atmosphere that will be found again in the short 'After Tomorrow' but this time in acoustic. Void' follows, with a water drop sound at the beginning that may remind some of the Floyds, but it continues in a sensual atmosphere with aerial choirs and in the second part of the track offers a rhythmic acceleration leading to an intense finale. As for 'On Your Side', we are taken into a gentle ballad, the languid vocals accentuating this feeling of plenitude, then the album ends with the short instrumental 'Hidden Gems', then 'Gone' which offers us a last remarkable composition in a 'Santana'-like atmosphere.

In summary, the first album of this type is a very good one.

Line Up / Musicians

Marco Mattei (Guitar, Bass, Vocal, Percussions, Programmation) + Guests : Dave Bond (Vocal), Matthew Brown (Vocal), Felix Brandt (Vocal), Barak Seguin (Vocal), Richard Farrell (Vocal), Jerry Marotta (Drums, Percussions), Pat Mastelotto (Drums, Percussions), Chad Wackerman (Drums, Percussions), Clive Deamer (Drums, Percussions), Matt Crain (Drums, Percussions), Gianni Pierannunzio (Drums, Percussions), Salvatore Mennella (Drums, Percussions), Matilde Mattei (Shaker), Tony Levin (Bass), Fabio Trentini (Bass), Gabriele Bibbi Ferrari (Bass), Duilio Galioto (Keybords), Paolo Gianfrate (Keybords), Dave Bond (Mandolin), Marco Planells (Sitare), Paul Johnson (Flute, Whistle), Diederik van den Brandt (Pedal Steel), Rob Wakefield (Violin), Max Rosati (Guitar), Mauro Munzi (Piano)