Artist : Vangelis

Album : Nocturne

Release Date : 25-01-2019

Added : 21-03-2019

As we say, no transition, after the chronicle of the last 'Razzmattazz' very close to ‘AC/DC’, here is a slightly different artist who already has a few decades of career behind him, I named 'Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassíou', known to the general public by his stage name 'Vangelis' and who released a new album 'Nocturne' at 75 yars old after 'Rosetta' which dates from 2016 (see here). This album is a bit particular because he decided to revisit on the piano and keyboards some emblematic compositions of his long career and this in a intimate atmosphere but also by adding 11 novel titles. And it must be said that the magic operates from the first title because beyond the nostalgia that caused me many shivers in known titles as 'Love Theme' taken from 'Blade Runner' or ‘La petite fille et la mer’ tiré de ‘l’Apocalypse des Animaux’ or 'Main Theme' taken from 'Chariots of Fire' or the famous 'Conquest of the Paradise' from the film of the same name, we recognize the footprint of this outstanding composer in all the unpublished compositions that embark us on a sweet journey of intimacy, poetry, the feeling of being out of time and which must all recall some memories to all those who have loved 'Vangelis' in the previous decades. In short, these nocturnal walks are highly emotional and this refined and intimate interpretation lends itself very well to the atmosphere of this sensitive artist who has accompanied us for many years with all these musics that have all something timeless and eternal...

Line Up / Musicians

Vangelis / Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassíou (Piano, Keybords) + Guest : Irina Valentinova-Karpouchina (Piano)