Artist : Ten

Album : Gothica

Release Date : 07-07-2017

Added : 29-09-2017

I confess, when I listened to 'Gothica' of 'Ten', I did not know this English band that exists for more than 20 years and releases its 13th album in 2017. Their style is close to a sophisticated rock and accessible to an audience unfamiliar with big guitar riffs. Indeed, after the first song 'The Grail', which is powerful and very hard-rocky 80s, it’s a mix of rock songs such as 'Jekyll And Hyde' or 'La Luna Dra-Cu-La' Such and ballads as 'Travelers' or 'Paragon'. We can even see some 'Queen’s’ influences with for example the magnificent last title 'Into Darkness' that certainly would not have denied the late 'Freddy Mercury'. In short, for all lovers of the eighties and beyond, this 'Gothica' is a very pleasant album to listen and to consume without moderation...

Line Up / Musicians

Dann Rosingana (Guitar), Darrel Treece-Birch (Keybords), Gary Hughes (Vocal, Guitars, Bass), Max Yates (Drums), Steve Grocott (Guitar), Steve Mckenna (Bass), + Guest : Karen Fell (Choirs)