Artist : Rani Chatoorgoon

Album : Samsara

Release Date : 09-10-2016

Added : 16-01-2017

'Rani Chatoorgoon' is a Canadian singer, whose parents are immigrants from Trinidad and Tobago. But his influences are deeper and are related to Hindu culture and after several singles, she has just released their first album 'Samsara'. It makes us travel in a progressive style between the East and the West with very melodic songs and which hang from the first listen. In addition, his voice clear and air strengthens the impression of lightness and traditional instruments bring a change that breaks with consistency in the radio strikes us all day long. Songs like 'The Gray', 'Lonely Witness', 'Unbearable' or 'Breathe' are the perfect illustration. Other much more classic titles even flirt with the metal as this 'Let Me Go' where Rani shares vocals with 'Valerio comments'. In summary, 'Rani Chatoorgoon', with 'Samsara' album a varied, accessible to a general public and shows once again that music is much richer when it is multi-cultural...
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Line Up / Musicians

Rani Chatoorgoon (Vocal, Guitar Acoustic, Harmonium), Gerry Mosby (Bass), Rudd Jolie (Guitar), Paul Delong (Drums), Koen Herfst (Drums), Valerio Recenti (Vocal), Claudio Vena (Violin, Alto), Sandip Banerjee (Sitar - Santoor - Tabla - Dholak - Bansuri - Sarod - Sarangi), Lawrence Gowan (Piano), Ken Basman (Guitar Classique), Bob Stern (Compositeur)