Artist : Laura Cox

Album : Burning Bright

Release Date : 08-11-2019

Added : 26-12-2019

After a very promising first album in 2017 (see here), the Frenchwoman ‘Laura Cox’ and her group released a new album ‘Burning Bright’. In the continuity of ‘Hard Blues Shot’, they offer us a powerful and authentic rock by mixing hard-rock, blues and country in 10 tracks all as effective as each other. And besides, rare enough to be emphasized, 'Laura Cox' is touring this end of 2019 in England with her group, like what, as someone said "when the music is good", it is exported and , no less that in the country which is at the origin of a lot of legendary rock bands.
From the start, 'Fire Fire' begins the album in an electric atmosphere with an effective chorus and a first guitar solo in which Laura literally make sing her guitar, then, 'Bad Luck Blues' continues in a style that would not have certainly not denied 'Led Zeppelin'. But what about 'Last Breakdown' which takes us into an introduction to the 'ZZ Top' and which develops an irresistible bues/rock in which it is impossible to remain impassive, then, with 'Looking Upside Down', quieter, it's still good authentic and effective blues/rock. The ballad break comes with 'Just Another Game' in which Laura gives us a performance at the level of the great blues singers and I can't help making a parallel with the guitarist and singer 'Joanne Show Taylor' (see here). The sequel scrolls through an astonishing 'Here's to the War' that transpires good blues/rock with its slow swaying tempo, then the next three tracks are real bombs filled with tremendous energy with first of all 'Freaking Out Loud' and its heady chorus, then 'As I Am' with a boogie/rock rhythm in which your feet begin to beat time automatically and with this magnificent change of final tempo which further accelerates the rhythm and which reminds me of 'Forty -Five Hundred Times' from the 'Quo' and finally 'The River' which begins calmly and gradually increases in power for a new memorable chorus. Finally, the album ends with the second ballad of the album 'Letter to the Otherside' which cannot leave you indifferent and which raises the cursor of emotion by a several levels.

In summary, it only took two albums for the French of 'Laura Cox' to explode in broad daylight because 'Burning Bright' is simply fabulous and, I am convinced that they will continue to keep this flame intact in the future because if you followed the videos of 'Laura Cox' from her beginnings on You Tube when she was doing covers, we immediately felt this desire she had in her to share her passion for authentic rock just for fun...

Line Up / Musicians

Laura Cox (Vocal, Guitar), Mathieu Albiac (Guitar), François C. Delacoudre (Bass), Antonin Guerin (Drums)