Artist : Itzamna

Album : Chascade

Release Date : 14-10-2016

Added : 03-03-2017

After a first listening, I never imagined that 'Otzamna' could be a French group because we find a lot of influences with genres from pop to metal including rock, jazz and classical. For a debut album, it goes in all directions and you have to love the big gaps to penetrate their universe. An example with the last 2 titles : 'Red Dragon' is a title close to progressive metal and it’s followed by 'Dies Viniet' which we emabark in a religious Gregorian song followed by a part which remind me an 'Enio Morricone' western music. This 'Chascade' (French word game between ‘Chat’ and ‘Cascade’) is so far from uniformity of French radio, and even if it can disturb some people who will be lost by too much heterogeneity, it feels good to say there we are still pioneers artists that offer originality...

Line Up / Musicians

Armand Jourdain (Bass), Benjamin Vidal (Piano), Samuel Dolbeau (Guitar), Adrien Gretter (Drums), Clément Belio (Guitar)