Artist : Welcome Inside The Brain

Album : Celebrate The Depression

Release Date : 01-11-2017

Added : 13-01-2018

'Welcome Inside The Brain' is a German band that, after an EP in 2015, releases its first studio album 'Celebrate The Depression'. In the beginning, with the eponymous title of the band’s name, we are immersed in 60/70 keyboards sounds and the first name that comes to mind is the 'Who'. And then, this title ends with sonic wanderings that could fit perfectly into a 'A Saucerful of Secrets' of the 'Floyds'. The set of titles seem to come out of another era where we discovered the psychedelic but this album enjoys an irreproachable quality in terms of recording and production. Special mention for the last title 'Tears Of The Past', where we are entitled to a sumptuous guitar solo, something that we lose more and more with this damn commercial dominance which dictates the length of the titles to be able to by played in radio. In summary, with 'Celebrate The Depression', we see a lot of reference from the 60s / 70s when the progressive music took off and this album is intended primarily for all fans of this era but can allow others to discover this kind of music because all titles are very accessible...

Line Up / Musicians

Frank Mühlenberg (Vocal), Georg Spieß (Guitar), Johann Fritsche (Keybords), Paul Lapp (Cantabass), Hans Otto (Drums)