Artist : Eloy

Album : The Vision, the Sword and the Pyre, Pt 1

Release Date : 25-08-2017

Added : 16-10-2017

The Germans of ‘Eloy’, who had released nearly twenty albums between 1980 and 2000 and who were recognized as a major progressive rock band in their country, have just released their 2nd album 'The Vision, the Sword and the Pyre, Pt 1' in nearly 20 years after 'Visionary' in 2009. For the occasion, 'Franck Bornemann' decided to tell the story of' ‘Jeanne d’Arc’ in several parts and this last opus is the first part of this saga. Indeed, we are immersed in a rock opera where the music is only there to accompany the different episodes. Therefore, you have to take the story in its entirety without trying to describe title by title. Fromstyle side, we could mention groups like 'Pink-Floyd' or 'Renaissance' with a central use of keyboards. For the role of 'Jeanne d’Arc', Franck has called for the German-British 'Alice Merton' female singer who released a first EP in 2017. In summary, with this first part of the story of 'Jeanne d’Arc' , the Germans of ‘Eloy' make us travel in time with an epic fresco that will certainly be well received by all lovers of rock opera...

Line Up / Musicians

Frank Bornemann (Vocal, Guitar), Hannes Folberth (Keybords), Michael Gerlach (Keybords), Klaus-Peter Matziol (Bass), Bodo Schopf (Drums) + invite : Alice Merton (Vocal)