Artist : Edenya

Album : Silence

Release Date : 02-04-2020

Added : 26-05-2020

'Edenya' is a project which was created by the multi-instrumentalist, author and composer 'Marco' about ten years ago with an EP released in 2017 with a first Cameroonian singer 'Ida Rose' which was replaced after the release of the EP with a new singer 'Elena' and a new singer 'Rémi' which allowed 'Marco' to considerably develop his vocal section and 2020 sees the release of their first LP 'Silence'. Their style is part of a peaceful and melodic progressive rock and we can cite bands like 'Mostly Autumn' (see last album here ) or the new project 'Chasing The Monsoon' from ex 'Karnataka', 'Ian-Jones' or even the Brazilians from 'Fleesh'.

'Silence' contains 8 tracks for 50 minutes of music and for the beginning, with 'The Promise', the introduction made of guitar arpeggios reminds us of the ballads of 'Scorpions' and we discover the beautiful singing of 'Elena', delicate and harmonious, then, after halfway through, the title takes off in a beautiful instrumental section to fall back on the end with the starting theme. Follows 'Sabrina' which continues in this calm and dreamlike atmosphere, then, after the melancholic instrumental 'Broken Love', not necessarily essential for me because always repeating the same musical phrase, 'All They Want' is a melodic jewel and you can't help but think of 'Gabby Vessoni' from 'Fleesh' when you hear Elena's sweet voice filling the whole space. The following offers us the long title 'Will the Demons Win?' Which denounces the terrorist attacks and it is with a ballad and a very beautiful crescendo that 'Marco' decided to treat this subject, then 'Chaos' is the second instrumental , quite linear, with a more rock sound but which keeps a rather slow tempo and with 'Silence', we hold the longest title of the album and certainly the most progressive which takes us on a superb journey in the company of the singing of 'Elena' but which also gives pride of place to instrumental sections with remarkable alternations between energetic parts and others much quieter, then the album ends quietly on an acoustic note with 'Still Alive'.

In summary, with his project 'Edenya', 'Marco' shows us all his talent as an author and a composer in an album filled with airy and delicate atmospheres and 'Silence' should appeal to an audience who likes a progressive melodic and accessible at first listen...

Line Up / Musicians

Marco (Guitar, Keybords, Piano), Elena (Vocal, Choirs), Rémi (Vocal, Choirs)