Artist : Anna Fiori

Album : In Ohtli Tonalli

Release Date : 09-12-2017

Added : 19-01-2018

After 'The Dark Element' and 'Coronatus', the end of the year 2017 sees symphonic metal albums follow each other and it is the turn of ‘Anna Fiori' to release a new album 'In Ohtli Tonalli'. Originally from Mexico, Anna released a debut album in 2013 and participated in the Espagno-Swiss 'Edenwar' band, which released a first LP in 2015. After the instrumental introduction of use in this style, 'Fuegro Negro' makes us discover the song in Spanish of Anna which evolves in the same register as 'Sharon den Adel' and this title reminds me some compositions of 'Within Temptation'. With 'El Ritual', it is an energetic, melodic and symphonic title with orchestra and ominpresent choir that catch from the first listening. The following brings some variety to the album with the two beautiful ballads 'Yollotzin' and 'La Promesa', then 'Mitclan' and especially 'Inhumano' aptly summarizing the album, mixing the epic symphonic with gothic style and some gutural voices that can recall 'Epica'. In summary, 'In Ohtli Tonalli' is a very good surprise for this end 2017 and this last opus of ‘Anna Fiori' should enchant of metal fans gravitating between symphonic and gothic...

Line Up / Musicians

Anna Fiori (Vocal), Arturo Ferrante (Keybords), Ignacio Fontán Blanch (Drums), Juan Carrizo (Guitar), Markov (Guitar), Voltan Acat (Bass) + invités : Etell Meléndez, Fernando Obregón, Jorge Salmay, Federico Suárez, Ekchuah Muluc, Jacob Cohen, Arianna Dheva, Nitza Oremort, Vhiridiana Rentería, Cheves Miranda, Felipe Navarro, Iván Rodgon