Artist : Thunder

Album : Rit It Up

Release Date : 10-02-2017

Added : 18-03-2017

I admit, when I heard them for the first time, I didn't known that 'Thunder' had almost 30 years of career and it is only with this latest album 'Rit It Up' that I discover them (frankly, I don't know how I could miss them during this long time !). An introduction close to the ‘Rolling Stones’ with 'No. One Gest out Alive', an atmosphere of the English rock of the seventies with ubiquitous guitars, a singer who gives all, that is the menu of this latest album. But 'Thunder' is not just only this : they also have a gift for ballads like 'Right From The Start' or 'Heartbreak Hurricane' but also for bluesy titles like this beautiful 'In Another Life' very basic but with a tempo that works beautifully. In summary, it is certain I don't think I’m going to introduce 'Thunder' to many people, but this 'Rit It Up' is a summary of 40 years of rock music and could only give the desire to listen to all their albums...

Line Up / Musicians

Ben Matthews (Guitars / Keybords), Chris Childs (Bass), Danny Bowes (Vocal), Harry James (Drums), Luke Morley (Guitars)