Artist : Metalite

Album : Heroes In Time

Release Date : 27-10-2017

Added : 02-01-2018

Decidedly, it’s impossible to stop the Nordic countries in the production of new talents in melodic metal style, and it’s Sweden which is in the spotlight with 'Metalite', a new band that has just released its first album 'Heroes In Time'. From the beginning, 'Afterlife' sends an energetic rhythm with a foolproof chorus that immediately enter in your head and 'Purpose Of Life' emphasize on the same way. The following is the image of these first 2 titles and what is surprising is the absence of keyboard player while the programming part is quite present throughout the titles but with a very electronic sound, which does not is not necessarily the best taste for this kind of music. In summary, 'Metalite' released a promising first album as well at the melodic level but also in the production but, if we can give them some advice, it’s to find quickly a good keyboardist that will undoubtedly allow them to compete with the main bands of melodic metal...

Line Up / Musicians

Emma Bensing (Vocal), Edwin Premberg (Guitar), Lea Larsson (Drums), Robert Majd (Bass), Robert Örnesved (Guitars) + Guests : Fraser Edwards (Guitar), Jakob Svensson (Guitar)