Artist : Imperial Age

Album : The Legacy of Atlantis

Release Date : 31-01-2018

Added : 03-03-2018

After 'Warrior Race' in 2016 (see Here ), the Russians of ‘Imperial Age' release their new album 'The Lagacy of Atlantis' and take advantage of it to make a European tour with 'Therion'. More and more in the style of their older brother (in the eponymous title of the album, it is obvious), they offer us a symphonic metal, melodic and accessible with an evolution in the vocal arrangements which accentuates the atmosphere epic : Firstly, the album was recorded with the collaboration of artists from different groups including 'Nalle Pahlsson', 'Thomas Vikstrom' and 'Christian Vidal' all 3 of 'Therion'; Then, 'Alexander' and 'Jane' left the keyboards to devote themselves completely to singing, 'Anna' is the little news that completes the vocal section, the choruses were reinforced with 7 other artists which considerably densifies the ensemble and we can not help but refer to the great tradition of classical Russian choirs. In summary, with 'The Legacy of Atlantis', 'Imperial Age' continue their path in an accessible style that should please all amateurs of choirs and gravitating between symphonic and melodic metal...

Line Up / Musicians

Alexander "aor" Osipov (Vocal), Jane "corn" Odintsova (Vocal), Anna "Kiara" Moiseeva (Vocal) + Guests = Thomas Vikström (Vocal), Nalle Påhlsson (Bass, Guitar), Christian Vidal (Guitar), Sergey Lazar (Guitar), Andrey Ischenko (Drums), Taras Yasenkov (Choirs), Lyudmila Mikhailova (Choirs), Nikita Mikhailov (Choirs), Ekaterina Shamina (Choirs), Mikhail Yurkus (Choirs), Dmitriy Volkov (Choirs), Natalia Romanova (Choirs)